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What is a2Tech360?2023-07-07T13:44:27+00:00

a2Tech360 is an annual technology celebration in the city of Ann Arbor that has been taking place since 2015, beginning with the popular event called Tech Trek. This unique gathering goes beyond the traditional festival format, providing a diverse range of experiences that engage and inspire attendees. It serves as a platform for innovation, entrepreneurship, and the exploration of tech culture.

The lineup of a2Tech360 features a dynamic series of events designed to showcase the latest advancements and trends in technology. From thought-provoking panel discussions and captivating keynote presentations to interactive workshops and pitch competitions, the series of events offers something for everyone with an interest in the tech industry.

By bringing together diverse stakeholders from various sectors, a2Tech360 creates an ecosystem that fuels creativity, inspires innovation, and drives economic growth. It serves as a catalyst for the development of the technology industry in Ann Arbor and acts as a hub for fostering entrepreneurship and technological advancements in the region.

With its array of events and its dedication to promoting technological progress, a2Tech360 has become a highly anticipated annual gathering for tech enthusiasts, professionals, job seekers, and entrepreneurs. It continues to shape the technological landscape of Ann Arbor, providing a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing, and the celebration of innovation.

When and where does a2Tech360 take place?2024-05-15T18:08:54+00:00

a2Tech360 takes place in various locations across Ann Arbor, Michigan. The event comprises a series of events, workshops, panel discussions, pitch competitions, and networking opportunities held at different venues throughout the city over the period of a week.

Which events comprise a2Tech360?2024-05-17T18:31:31+00:00

a2Tech360 features a diverse range of events designed to cater to different interests and audiences. This year’s lineup includes:

  • Invest360: A pitch competition showcasing early-stage companies from southeast Michigan to top investors.
  • FastTrack: An awards gala honoring high-growth organizations in our region.
  • Mobility Summit: A global destination for trailblazing OEMs, researchers, and entrepreneurs – the mobility ecosystem flourishes in our region. Hear from visionaries and leaders from public, private, academia, and nonprofits to share, learn, inspire, and advance mobility in Michigan and around the globe.
  • Sustainable Future Forum: New event! More information coming soon.
  • Tech Talk: A series of engaging presentations, keynote speeches, and panel discussions featuring industry experts and thought leaders. Tech Talk sessions provide insights into emerging technologies, trends, and their impact on various industries.
  • Women In Tech: A dedicated track within the festival that highlights the accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities for women in the technology field. It includes panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions aimed at empowering and promoting women in tech.
  • Michigan Startup Capital Summit: Updated event! More information coming soon. The Michigan Startup Capital Summit is a great opportunity for investors to meet like-minded people from around the state and learn more.
  • Tech Trek: Ann Arbor’s largest, public, and tech-inspired event returns! Tech Trek is a free community street fair and company open house where regional technology companies showcase their innovations and culture. From robotics and game developers to self-driving shuttles and medical marvels, attendees will gain insight and inspiration on the technological advancements that will define and change the years ahead. Mobility Row is now part of Tech Trek.
  • Partner Events: In addition to SPARK-produced events, a2Tech360 collaborates with various organizations to host partner events. These events have separate registration processes and may require separate fees or tickets, though most are free.
How can I attend the events during a2Tech360?2023-07-07T13:47:53+00:00

To participate in the events offered during a2Tech360, it is necessary to register in advance as some events will sell out. Ann Arbor SPARK-produced events can be conveniently registered for all at once. 

However, for partner events, registration is facilitated through various platforms specific to each event. Visit the official website at https://a2tech360.com to explore the event schedule and register for the events you wish to attend. Some events may have limited seating, so it’s recommended to secure your spot early. Most events are free.


I’m interested in becoming a sponsor for a2Tech360. How can I get involved?2024-05-17T18:23:43+00:00

a2Tech360 offers sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organizations looking to support the event and gain exposure to a diverse audience of technology professionals and enthusiasts. To inquire about sponsorship options and benefits, please reach out to Laura Berarducci at Laura@annarborusa.org.

Can I apply to be a speaker at a2Tech360?2023-07-07T13:49:01+00:00

Yes, a2Tech360 welcomes applications from passionate and knowledgeable speakers who can contribute valuable insights to the festival’s events. If you are interested in speaking at an a2Tech360 event, please reach out to Ann Arbor SPARK at a2tech360@annarborusa.org.

Are the partner events part of the general a2Tech360 registration?2023-07-07T13:49:24+00:00

No, the partner events have separate registrations and may require separate fees or tickets. While a2Tech360 collaborates with various organizations to host partner events, the registration process and fees for those events are managed independently by the respective organizations. Please check the event details on the a2Tech360 website for information on how to register for partner events.

Who can host a partner event for a2Tech360?2024-05-31T13:29:36+00:00

Any organization, business, or group located in Washtenaw County that aligns with the criteria and goals of a2Tech360 can host a partner event.

What qualifies as a partner event for a2Tech360?2024-05-31T13:30:23+00:00

Partner events must be innovation-themed, unique to a2Tech360 week, and not an existing meetup or recurring event. They should highlight Ann Arbor as a destination for growing companies and talented job seekers.

I’m interested in hosting a Partner Event during a2Tech360. Who do I contact?2024-05-15T18:07:43+00:00

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in hosting a Partner Event! The first step is to complete this form for consideration. Your submission will be reviewed, and upon acceptance, Ann Arbor SPARK will reach out to guide you through the process and provide all the necessary information and support to make your event a success. A detailed Partner Guide will also be provided.

Why are Partner Events important to the a2Tech360 lineup and to the greater Ann Arbor community?2023-07-25T17:44:04+00:00

Partner Events play a vital role in enriching the a2Tech360 experience for the community. These events bring together diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and industry expertise, fostering a collaborative ecosystem of technology enthusiasts, professionals, entrepreneurs, and students. By showcasing a variety of events and topics, Partner Events contribute to creating a dynamic and inclusive tech culture that benefits the entire community. They enhance knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, and talent engagement, making a lasting impact on the growth and vibrancy of the technology sector in the region.

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