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While we’re hard at work planning this year’s program for you, please enjoy these highlights from 2020’s virtual a2Tech360.
Mobility Summit

Building a Resilient Mobility Future.

We’re happy you could join us for the third annual Ann Arbor Mobility Summit. We hope you’ll check out our virtual Mobility Row happening this Friday in conjunction with A2 Tech Trek and become more familiar with the type of mobility innovation happening in the region.

Special thanks to all of our guests for providing stimulating, forward-looking conversations.

Finally, congratulations to the Invest360: Mobility finalist Industry Star who took home the $50,000 prize. Watch Industry Star in the Invest360 Investor Showcase finale for a chance to win the “People’s Choice” award — an additional $50,000.

About the Ann Arbor Mobility Summit

Where the automotive industry intersects with era-defining innovation, you’ll find Ann Arbor, Michigan.

A global destination for trailblazing OEMs, researchers, and entrepreneurs — the mobility ecosystem flourishes here. The city is also home to the University of Michigan which in 2019 invested $1.4 billion in research, making it the top-ranked public research university in the United States.

Emerging from this vibrant collection of mobility leadership is the third annual Ann Arbor Mobility Summit, where visionaries from across the globe gather to share, learn, and inspire. The theme for this year is to focus on the strategies to build resiliency within the mobility ecosystem. We will discuss this in the context of supply chain, improving access, smart city, innovative partnerships, and more.

“At a time when industry, academia, and infrastructure providers are examining the transformative needs of our society, mobility innovation has an opportunity to be part of the solution. This summit provides a platform for industry leaders to build connections and share visions for safeguarding the future of mobility.”
Komal Doshi, Director of Mobility Programs, Ann Arbor SPARK

Ann Arbor Stats


Michelle Avary

World Economic Forum

Carla Bailo

Center for Automotive Research

Kris Carter

Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, City of Boston

Regina Clewlow


Cal Coplai

Ford – Safety Insights

William Crane


Komal Doshi

Ann Arbor SPARK

Jennifer Dukarski

Butzel Long

Bill Frykman

Ford Mobility

Razat Gaurav


Kara Grasso


Greg Griffin

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Paul Krutko

Ann Arbor SPARK

Ken Laberteaux


Cristi Landy


Alisyn Malek

Commission on the Future of Mobility

Sophia Nadur

BP plc

Edwin Olson

May Mobility

Trevor Pawl

Office of Future Mobility and Electrification

Rikesh Shah

Transport For London

Genevieve Smith

Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Missy Stults

City of Ann Arbor

Pamela Taylor

Ann Arbor SPARK

Adriel Thornton


Ram Vasudevan

University of Michigan

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