a2Tech360 COVID Safety Protocol

Review our updated safety measures regarding COVID-19

To further ensure the safety of our attendees in 2021’s a2Tech360, Ann Arbor SPARK will be implementing a requirement that attendees certify they have been fully vaccinated. Those who have already registered will be asked to update their submission form and certify they have been vaccinated. All future registrants will be required to provide this information when registering for the conference and show proof of vaccination at the time of the event.

These unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. We remain committed to providing a safe, fun, and educational event in just a few weeks. To recap our safety measures thus far:

  • a2Tech360 will follow CDC guidelines regarding the use of masks, which currently call for wearing masks in public indoor settings, regardless of vaccination status.
  • a2Tech360 will require presenters and attendees to certify they are vaccinated against COVID-19, including boosters if eligible. We are confident that people will be truthful with their certifications.
  • All venues and vendors will be masked during the event and have robust cleaning measures to help ensure attendee safety.
  • a2Tech360 has acquired masks and hand sanitizer to provide to attendees. We do request you still bring your own masks with you.
  • Additional measures will be put in place to help make sure this year’s a2Tech360 is a safe and fun experience for all.
  • The Ann Arbor SPARK team is 100% vaccinated, and we did this to protect one another and you.

We look forward to welcoming you to a2tech360 and share with you our exciting program this year!